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Drinks : In between Hill- Korwas drinks most popular is Hadia which is prepared from the flour of rice, Gondly or marua.To the boil paste of these two crons is added "ranu" which produces fermentation. Ranu is medicinal product prepared from some roots and is available in market. From Mahua flowers liquor is also prepared but the Hill-Korwas prefer hadia to liquor. Within three to four days it is readyand is used after mixing required quantity of water. 

Festivals : Festivals which are connected with agriculture, are Hariyali, Kora is celebrated in month of September, Navakhani celebrated in the month of October when new crops are harvested. Cherta is celebrated in January and is connected with eating of pulse. The raw urda pulse is offered to ancestors. 


Dance : Karma dance is very popular dance and all the villagers participate in it. A branch of Karma tree is hoisted at the center and the dancers dance around it. These Karma songs are of one line only and that line is repeatedly sung in a chorus with rhythm.
Damkach is a dance at the time of marriage and all men, women and children participate in it. Songs are sung which are first sung by the men and the women repeat the lines in rhythmic manner.


Marriage : Marriages are exogamous generally arranged with person from other kutumb. and a person cannot marry with member outside the tribe. Widow remarriage is permitted. 


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