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Hill-Korwa (Pahari Korwa)

Habitation : The main concentration of Hill-Korwa tribe is in Jashpur, Sarguja & Raigarh.

Topography of the area : Jashpur Tahsil of Raigarh district covers an area of 1,963 Sq. miles it lies in the eastern corner of Chhattisgarh. The area is cut across by the range of Vindhyadri mountain running East-West creating upper ghat and lower ghats. Upper ghat is an extensive plateau , which is under the Khudia region. The old khudia region is now covered under Sanna and Bagicha Forest/Revenue circle of the Jashpur Distt.

Soil : Is literate and clayey, light and is on rocky base. It does not retain moisture. Hence only minor and inferior crops can be grown there.

Characteristics : They are branch of Kolarian tribe and belonging mundari language. According to Anthropological description of family they belongs to Austro-Asiatic family. The tribe has two-sub tribe known Pahari Korwa and Dihari Korwa.

Physical Appearance : They are medium to short height have a dark brown or black skin.
Clane(Gotras) : Hill Korwa are divided into Five totamistic Edogamous clains viz. Hansadwar, samar,Edigwar, Ginnur & Renla.

Clan Totem
Hazeda  Bamboo
Edigwar Kachmi(a creeper)
Samat samat(a tree)
Madhiyar or Mudhikar Dohs head
Ginu  Ant-hill soil

Villages : The villages site is usually chosen on top of the hill or on covered with forest. Most of the families of Hill- Korwa were nuclear. The kinship system is still the basic sub-structure of them some strict relationship taboo seperate relatives. The religion of the Hill-Korwa is confined to ancestral worship and to the worship of a few Gods and deities. 

They are afraid of the magical performances and magic has no role in their socio-religious life. They believe in supernatural powers. Their important Gods are sigri Dev, Gauria Dev, Mahadev and Parvati and main deity is Khudia Rani.They worship goddess for recovery from illness, better crops, safety and against natural clamaties. They believe in magic and witch magician (witch craft,odka).
A Hill-Korwas is always busy about the side selection of homestead. Most of the families of Hill- Korwa is part lineal and patrilocal nuclear. 

Food- Habit : The main source of livelihood of Hill-Korwa tribe is hunting and collection of minor forest products like Sal ,mahua, gum, tendu leaves, amla, harra, bahera ets. In rainy season they gather some forest roots, leaves and vegetables. Now a days they do cultivation but their primitive techniqs. Fishing and hunting are practiced as occupation. Though they have no land work for cultivation as labour. During some season they get food grains to eat while during the odd season they satisfi their hunger on leaves,fruits,tubers (namely Gainth, Pitharu, Nakwa,katharu,kulthi,konge,charhat,bilar,) etc.between october and March they get better food which includes makai maize) arua/Madua a soil of paddy saturu, kutki,arhar(pigion pea),and other pulses etc.


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