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Success story

                        Plantation initiatives by SHGs…..!
                        Village - Khardhodhi & Junapara

                Khardori is a village selected in the pilot phase of the programme. It is situated 15 km from block headquarters Patthalgaon in Jashpur distt. Forest cover was depleted and the villagers were facing crisis in getting fuel, fodder etc.

The women had to go  for away to collect fuel wood. The villagers decided in gramsabha to take up afforestration activity on a revenue wasteland.

         Species they planted – Teak, Khamhar, Shubabool, Bamboo, Jetropha, Kaju, Eukeliptus, Mango, Karanj, Nashpati, Jackfruit etc.

         A temporary nursery was raised.

         No. of plants – 120000

         Survival Rate – 95% , Average ht. of plants = 7 to 8 feet within three years.

                Encouraged with the success of Khardori plantation, villagers of adjoining village Junapara also undertook plantation activity. They planted 21000 plants of different species in revenue wasteland in 2005-06. This plantation is also very successful. 

               The villagers are getting sufficient quantity of fodder in the from of grass from the plantation. The villagers feel very happy and proud of it.

Success story …

                   Mahalaxmi SHG group Dhodagoan…….!
Establishmen of  Haller Mill  & Running successfully

               Dhodagaon is a village selected in pilot phase of the programme. It is situated 15 km from block headquarter Dharamjaigarh in Raigarh distt. Mahalaxmi is a SHG formed in this village.

               This group started group work in the from of collective cultivation of groundnut, then they gradually took up preparation of mid day meal in the village school and trading of readymade cloths.

                 The group gained confidence in group activity and decided to install a hauller mill to get rid of monopoly and excess of a merchant. However they did not have sufficient resources to purchase the hauller mill which was costing Rs. 26000/-. They persuaded Village Credit Committee (VCC) of Dhodagaon and Amaljharia village and took a loan of Rs. 20000/- from them and used their own savings and seed capital and finally installed hauller mill.

                Within two years they have already repaid the loan and have earned a profit of Rs. 32865/-.


Success story

                        Standing Together for own rights…..!
                        Raising Voice Against Illegal Mining - Bhursatoli

              Bursatoli is a village of kusumi block of Surguja distt. There are 4 women SHG in the village. In Bhursatoli there used to be illegal excavation of natural resources since long time. During the capacity building session, it was told to the villagers that they have rights on the natural resources in there own village.

              In the gramsabha meetings these  women decided to take concrete step against this illegal activity. They also felt that these big pits are becoming threat for their small children. They all went together to the block officials and complained against them but no action was taken against the illegal mining. One day when the loading was going  on, these women group snatched the key of the vehicle and warned them not to come again and retained the key with them. When the block officials and the people's representatives intervened the keys. Today the illegal excavation  in totally stopped in the village!



Success story
Sugarcane  Cultivation at Natwarnagar

                 Natural Village Natwarnagar is 5 km away from block headquarters Kusmi distt. Surguja. The population of the villages is 490. Chhattisgarh Tribal Development Programme entered in the village in the year 2002, since than SHG & other village level committees have been formed. With the help & support of the programme the villagers constructed five km irrigation canal. For this work only WFP rice was provided to the villagers.

                 In want of irrigation facilities, agriculture is mainly rainfed in this area. After construction of the canal the farmers took vegetable cultivation in their Wadi on a massive scale. Encouraged with the initial success of group cultivation, the SHGs decided to take cash crop sugarcane in their field. They took loan worth Rs. 3.5 lacs from Rural Bank, Surguja for lift irrigation and sugarcane cultivation with Kisan Credit Card. The SHGs have been successful in raising sugarcane crops and earning good profit. Now they have also started preparation of jaggery which a value addition to the material. This has given lot of confidence to the local farmers.







 Success story

                                    PTGs Gaining  Confidence After
Group Potato Cultivation.

                 Ganga, Bajrangbali, Ramayan, Hero and Narayan SHG are from Bhadiya village of Bagicha block of  Jashpur district. This area is a very potential area for the cultivation of potato. Since long time these Pahari Korwas used to give their land on lease to the outsiders and get a very meager amount for their land. In the year 2005 all the above mentioned 5 groups cultivated 22 quintals of  Potato in 21/2 acre of  land. The project team gave them regular inputs in the form of manure and timely counseling. With the member's commitment, hard work and guidance from the team, they are able to earn a profit of Rs.15000.00 (excluding the principal) with in a short interval of 90 days. This was a very small beginning, which has given immense confidence to these Korwa women of  the remote area in the deep forest and hills.....!

                    In the year 2006 they had cultivated potato in 54 acre land with the cost of Rs. 632241 and the total was about Ra. 1228000 and earned Rs. 595759 net.


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