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7.WADI Development:-

BAIF Development Research Foundation is an Agency working to create opportunities of gainful self employment for the rural families' especially disadvantaged sections, ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improved quality of life and good human values. Its Operational area is spread over 12000 villages in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajashthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Andra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Wadi Vikas


The unique programme of developing orchards, popularly known as `Wadi', on wastelands owned by the poor tribal families was launched by BAIF.  This programme ensures the active involvement of the entire family, particularly the women. `Wadi' ensures complete authority of women over the income generated from vegetable cultivation in their backyards. Many other income generation activities have now been introduced as `Wadi' to broad base the programme. This programme has checked seasonal migration and ensured women's empowerment, food security, improved quality of life and a clean environment.

The experts has supported project team for the implementation of integrated livelihood programme in selected villages. In 2006-07 year total 552 beneficiaries have been selected in 48 villages in all the three districts of programme area. District wise details of beneficiaries mentioned in the table where with the expertise of BAIF personnel Wadi Vikas model is being implemented.






No. of Benef

Plant Species

No. of Plants

Input Provided

Surguja 2003-04 2 5 8 76 Mango 1765  Fertilizer, insectiside &Tech support
2004-05 5 17 27 180 Mango,Lichi 3256 -do-
2005-06 5 18 42 409 Mango 4225 -do-
Jashpur 2003-04 3 4 8 73 Mango,Cashew 1712 Fertilizer, insectiside &Tech support
2004-05 3 7 26 92 Mango & lichi 3496 -do-
2005-06 3 7 21 109 Mango & lichi 3100 -do-
Raigarh 2004-05 1 6 17 63 Mango 1507 -do
2005-06 1 6 12 34 Mango,Cashew 1204 -do-





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