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4. Aquaculture Promotion:
  • formation of common interest groups interested in aquaculture and provision of technical and financial support to them for aquaculture activities.

  • Activities combining small-scale fish production, fish breeding, fry and fingerling production.

  • Facilitate access to aquaculture options for women and landless and marginal farmers focusing on fish breeding , fry transport and homestead fish culture.

  • Development appropriate technology and its use through FFS.

Income generation through Fishry

Details of Aquaculture Development :-
Year Distric Unit Total CIGs

CIG members

Seed Supply





Fry (kg)



2003-04 Surguja 12 - - - - 9.65 28000
Jashpur 9 98 24 9066 - 2.8 7600
2004-05 Surguja 25 149 171 59000 - 25.5 75000
Jashpur 23 238 66 27500 40 6.9 18760
Raigarh 27 337 35 20500 4.5 2 5860
2005-06 Surguja 41 358 160 83000 40 result awaited
Jashpur 26 264 78 - 33 result awaited
Raigarh 25 305 35 - 58 result awaited
2006-07 Surguja 61 623 207 147500 - result awaited
Jashpur 61 747 113 147500 - result awaited









5. Rural Micro-Finance:  

   Self-help Group
Entry in SHG passbook

  • Formation and Promotion of self-help groups (SHGs), including facilitating the formation of clusters of SHGs,  provide assistance for expert advice for the development of appropriate institutional structures, orient the NGOs to the functioning of clusters, and promote networking of clusters both within and outside the Program to facilitate and exchange of ideas and experiences; and promotion of mobilization of funds (mainly through the generation of members' savings), complemented by seed capital assistance from the Program.

  • Development of an alternative , community, based financial services mechanism consisting of a Revolving Village Credit Fund to be managed by Village Credit Committee constituted by the Gram Sabha.

  • Provision of entrepreneurial training for women beneficiaries.

  • Organizing and conducting participatory workshops involving bank staff and community members with a view to improving access of Tribals to formal Financial Services.

Details of Self help Groups and there business :-

Pilot Phase:-

District Number of SHG Total Members Savings (in Lakhs) Inter-loaning Repayment
Female Male Total Female Male Total
Surguja 189 39 228 2593 382 2975 19.34 90% 73%
Jashpur 115 16 131 1147 213 1360 29.09 100% 86%
Raigarh 70 07 77 966 97 1063 07.41 100% 87%











Scaling up Phase:

Bank operations :-
District Unit MWs NVs SHGs linked with Bank Released Amount (in lacs) Withdrawal Amount Activity
Ambikapur 18 65 208 3889832 1922894 Goatry, Fishery, Piggery, Agriculture, Mahua Purchase, running PDS, cloth selling, hauler mill, etc.
Patthalgoan 13 49 157 2357857 1438774
Seed capital :-
District Unit MW Natural Village Graded SHGs Seed Capital Given to no of SHGs Total Seed Money (In Lac)
Ambikapur 18 65 209 209 652000
Patthalgoan 13 49 208 208 557000
Total 31 114 417 417 1209000

6. Health & Nutrition:
  • Provision of health and nutrition services to remote villages in Program Area which are not currently served by any health facility.

  • Awareness creation on health , hygiene and nutrition particularly for children and pregnant women.

  • Recruitment and training of village health volunteers and provision f basic medicines, recruitment and training of health supervisors for coordination with Govt. schemes at block level

Health camp

  • Training of traditional birth attendants and provision of basic medical kits

  • Establishment of mobile health clinic hich shall visit weekly markets nearest to the villages.

Community Health Volunteers-

A cadre of local Community Health Volunteers has been prepared and is already trained by Chhattisgarh Voluntary Health Association and Ambikapur-Raigarh Health Association, Resource NGOs. They are provided with medicine kits. All the CHVs are from the village itself and are gradually been linked with the health department for the refilling of the Kits. The medicine kit has the following medicines- Paracetamole, Norfloxin, Cotrimoxazole, Chloroquine, Metronidazole and Syringes etc for treatment of common ailment like fever, diarrhea, maleria etc.

However proper arrangement for arranging the health care assistance through NGOs where the community also pays the cost is yet to be introduced. It is proposed to make a beginning in this respect shortly.

Pilot Phase:-

District Number of Block No of NV No of CHV No. of treated persons
Surguja 5 65 65 22794
Jashpur 3 28 28 19234
Raigarh 1 21 21 5273

Scaling Up Phase:-
District Number of Block No of NV No of CHV No. of treated persons
Surguja 5 147 147 756
Jashpur 3 94 94 434
Raigarh 2 73 57 268

Tradition Birth Attendant (Dai) -

If the services have to be strengthened, flow of information is to be ensured to the service providers. The Maternal Mortality Rate in the operational area is not very satisfactory. During the PRA, the villagers insisted the need for the training of Dais and so Dai training was arranged so as to ensure the information flow to the service providers. Dai training is being arranged by the Health Department. In order to ensure 100% registration of pregnancies, an incentive of Rs. 15 is given to the Dai, she has to fill up the format provided to her and give one copy to the Sector supervisor health and the other copy to the concern FNGO and third copy for her reference and follow up.

Details of Traditional Birth Attendant (Dai) trained and number of safe delivery done by them is as follows :-

Pilot Phase:-
District Number of Blocks No of NVs No. of TBA No. of safe deliveries
Surguja 5 65 65 65
Jashpur 3 28 38 612
Raigarh 1 21 32 572

Scaling up Phase:-
District Number of Blocks No of NVs No. of TBA No. of safe deliveries
Surguja 5 65 141 -
Jashpur 3 94 68 -
Raigarh 2 73 43 -

 Immunization Campaign: -

During the fact-finding exercise, it came into picture that only 30% registration of the pregnant ladies was taking place in the villages. This was an alarming situation for the safe motherhood and child care interventions. During interaction the women also stressed much on the need of health interventions. Based on the need expressed by the community, Immunization campaign was initiated in the field and 2 rounds of immunization campaign were successfully completed in a space of one month.  During the first round of the campaign the beneficiary was provided with a card so as to keep a record for the follow up.  As the health department played a vital role, this campaign was successful. Nearly 14,393 in the 1st phase and 14925 in the 2nd phase women aging between 15-45 years covered under Tetanus toxide immunization drive against the total survey of 16000 women.


 Project Cost and Funding 



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